About Us

A volunteer driven initiative, working with governments & civil society to provide mental health support during COVID19.

Our Story

It started with a simple social post – predicting an increase in mental distress under lockdown and asking for mental health professionals to come together during COVID. Within no time, we had 100 volunteers who signed up, ready to offer their support. Mental health professionals always step up during times of need, and this crisis was no different. Soon we had people, who had never interacted or worked together, come together and take up different responsibilities and, within a couple of weeks, had a functional helpline, along with a training manual, and a streamlined process in place. We organised ourselves in teams leading, supporting and fixing things along the way. And in the process, expanded to 250+ Volunteers.

Founding Members


Volunteer initiatives like Let’s Talk which are born out of pure passion and sense of service are led by key early leaders, who bring with them the leadership, the initiative and the determination of put things in place. So our team did exactly that. Took things by the horn and set everything in place. We are indebted to our founding members who led by example, inspite of very little structure and visibility on where we will be in couple of weeks from now.

Founding Members - Dr Ashwin Naik, Ashish Gupta, Ashwini Thakker, Prachi Vaish, Prayag Naidu, Rincy Verghese, Ritika Arora, Sanam Devidasani, Shivani Chauhan, Snigdha Mishra and Udit Bothra.

How are we organised?


Let's Talk is organised collectively with representatives from different organisations and individuals who  have come together for an informal association. It is not a separate legal entity for now.

Our Focus


At, Let’s Talk, our focus is two-fold, - first, providing mental health support to the community, and second focus on wellbeing of our volunteers. As part of this focus, we are concentrating on

  • Building a community of volunteers interested in mental health, with focus on mentoring, training and personal development.

  • Supporting crisis relief work as needed, as partners of other civil society organisations

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